A Gout Friendly Holiday

Gout is an extremely painful inflammation of the joints caused by a buildup of needle-sharp uric acid crystals. A common area of pain due to gout is your big toe but it can also affect your ankles, knees, feet and hands. As a gout sufferer, are you looking forward to Thanksgiving or is this a holiday meal you want to avoid? Some of the foods on the menu of a traditional Thanksgiving meal are ones that you try and avoid because of the pain it may cause.

Don’t let gout put you out. Purines in food are what cause inflammation. If you know what foods are high in purines then you can avoid a gout attack during your Thanksgiving. A shopping list for foods that don’t create gout can help you as you prepare the menu for the big day.

Be aware of the eight gout causing foods, such as turkey and sugary drinks. A recommended replacement instead of turkey is chicken or duck as it has fewer purines. Pair this with cranberry sauce as cranberries have been found to be a wonderful food source to combat gout. What else should be in front of you for the meal that will not cause your gout to flare up after eating? Some low purine food options are yogurt, skim milk, fresh fruit, nuts and grains. Whole grain bread, rice and pasta can be a part of your Thanksgiving menu. You can choose from a variety of vegetables but will need to be selective. Beets, cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes and summer squash are a great addition to your Thanksgiving meal. Unfortunately, there are no replacements for beer or sugary sodas but replacing your pumpkin pie with yogurt or fruit can help you combat the pain.

Thanksgiving is indeed a time for family, friends and good food! Remember you can still celebrate and participate this year if you suffer from gout!

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