How Can You Make the Season Joyful?

No matter how much pain you feel, you want the season to be joyful. This is a time of the year you want to make memories that will last. Having some holiday tasks can be a great way to make this holiday special.

Even if you are having a day where your chronic pain is getting you down this is the season to remember there are always people less fortunate than you. Sometimes a way to vanquish thoughts of your current pain is to help others. The best gifts are often not material ones. Here is a list of some ideas for spreading holiday cheer.

  1. Thank a volunteer…You might not be able to help as a volunteer because of the pain you experience but you can thank them. Send a note to your local shelter or fire department.
  2. Make a little extra… If you are doing some holiday baking, make more than you need and take that extra batch of cookies or meals to your local nursing home or homeless shelter.
  3. Spread the warmth… Winter electric bills can be high. If you know of someone who is having a financial struggle call the Electric Company and pay their bill anonymously.
  4. Donate Anonymously… There are great causes so find one that speaks to you and give.  Knowing that you have helped can make you feel joyful.
  5. Foster a Pet… The animal shelters get busy during the holiday season. Offer to keep a pet in your home for part of the winter.

Listening to holiday music can be a way to bring back memories. Everyone has their favorites. Here is a list of the top 50 Christmas songs of all time. Take a look and listen and see which ones bring back some thoughts of seasons past. Load one or more on your phone or electronic devices and when you are feeling “not so joyful” play that song.

There are Christmas movies old and new that bring a smile to our faces when we watch them.  They can make the season joyful whether you watch them by yourself or with someone you care for. You are living with pain but there is no reason that this holiday season can’t be one that is memorable and joyful when you try some of these tasks.

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Photo by Annie Spratt

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