Great Gift Ideas For Those With Chronic Illnesses

Those who suffer from chronic illness have a hard time doing everyday tasks and concentrating when their illness flares up. Their pain can be so intense it is hard for them to function. If you are perplexed with what to buy those in your life who are chronically ill, here are some ideas for you.

Fashionable sun protective clothing can be helpful. Many people with chronic illnesses are sensitive to the sun due to various conditions or the medications they are taking and they need sun protection throughout the year. They don’t want to wear the greasy smelly sunblock that most of us wear during the summertime on the beach so sun protective clothing is a great alternative and is also fashionable.

If your loved one is suffering from fibromyalgia, an excellent gift idea for them is the book: Freedom from Fibromyalgia.. 7 Steps to Complete Recovery by Leah E. McCullough. This is the product of Leah’s extensive research and personal experience recovering from her debilitating health conditions.

Give a foot therapy spa set to those you know suffering from foot pain and inflammation, gout, peripheral neuropathy and neuroma. Foot cream that is non-greasy and odorless can be a great foot treatment for swelling and soreness.

Many times it is hard for someone with chronic pain to hold a book or an electronic device where the book is loaded. Buy them books on audio files. It could be a bestseller or a self-help book like How To Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness by Toni Bernhard.

Many magazines both in print and electronic format are published to provide support for those suffering from chronic pain. One such subscription you can give as a gift is Fibromyalgia Aware. Each edition can provide the reader with helpful information and provides support to the National Fibromyalgia Association.

Comfy pajamas and warm slippers are another great gift idea. Many people who suffer from chronic pain on some days don’t feel good enough to get out of bed. Pajamas that are loose and easy to get off and on are helpful. Buttons and fasteners on pajamas can be hard to maneuver. Also, warm slippers with a hard non-slip rubber sole help keep their feet comfortable and also helps prevent slipping and falling.

It is not impossible to buy gifts for those suffering from chronic illness, it just requires a little more thought.

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