New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy 2018

It is often said that failure to plan is a plan to fail. None of us want that for 2018. Why not make some realistic New Year’s Resolutions? The year 2017 might have been one of your worst with chronic pain so let’s explore how you can improve 2018.

Take time to Meditate. This new year, commit at least 15 minutes a day to meditation. With a hectic pace, the demands of modern life and your chronic pain you need an escape. Meditation can provide you that avenue. There are many free meditations online that you can begin this resolution today. Simple breathing and focusing beyond your pain can start and end the day on a positive note. See our Top Five Meditations to Listen to When You Can’t Get Out of Bed for ideas on where to find meditations.

Make exercise part of your day. Each year we start out well but daily barriers such as pain gets in our way of daily exercising. Once you stop for one day, it is easy to stop for two days then more. This year make exercise as normal as brushing your teeth. You would not skip that necessary function of your health so don’t skip exercise in 2018. Take a look at these easy exercises for those who are suffering from chronic pain.

Choose wisely what you put in your body. In 2018, make an effort to control what you eat and how much you eat. You know that there are foods that you eat that taste good but have a negative effect on your body. This year, make a list of foods you will avoid. Put that list on your refrigerator and tell yourself not to buy or eat them.

Reach out to an old friend. This could be the year to rekindle an old friendship. Reach out to someone who has meant a lot in your life but you have lost touch. Telling them how much they have meant to you might do wonders for your mental health and your random expression might do wonders for theirs. In this day and age of social media you can easily find someone from years gone by. This contact can be made even if you are having a bad chronic day of pain. You can call them on the phone while still in your bed.

You can make 2018 a better and healthier year by just sticking to these simple resolutions.

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Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash

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