How Apps and Even Alexa Can Help People with Chronic Illnesses

In this age of information and technology, it would be hard to overlook the amazing utility of apps in helping to improve the lives of people with chronic illnesses. After all, what are apps for if not to identify and fill the needs of their users? As with any subset of the tech-using population, people with long-term medical conditions, like fibromyalgia or type II diabetes, have specific considerations that apps and Alexa can meet.

Apps for Tracking Chronic Illness Symptoms

If you’ve ever shown up at a doctor’s appointment and tried to recall the last month of symptoms off the top of your head, you know how frustrating it can be. Apps like Pain Diary help you keep a running log of what you’re feeling and experiencing so that you have the most accurate picture of your condition. Many of these options are free, too.

For the high-tech crowd, there are also apps like Sleep Cycle that track the things you can’t — such as the quality of your sleep while you’re snoozing.

Apps (and Alexa) Can Help Remind You of Important Events

If you’re juggling multiple doctor’s appointments in addition to everything else going on in your life, asking Alexa to set a reminder can be incredibly helpful. Plus, she can tell you whether or not you need a coat on the way out the door.

Some medical conditions require not only multiple medications, they may also need to be taken at different times, on different days or with and without food. Medisafe is an example of an app that can help you track your medications so that you can keep your life chugging along smoothly. The same goes for Alexa, too!

Apps Make the Rest of Life a Little Easier

Do your hands tend to hurt when writing up a grocery list? Do you get easily distracted by uncomfortable joints when you’re trying to clean? Are you out of energy but also out of food in the kitchen?

There are a variety of apps that can help with all the day-to-day goings-on in your life so that you don’t feel like you’re constantly behind on chores. From Alexa’s voice-activated notes for making a shopping list to Pandora or Spotify for entertainment while doing the dishes to (also) Alexa’s ability to order delivery pizza, you can cover your basic daily needs.

There are honestly dozens of applications that could make your specific situation easier, and more coming out every day. Browsing whichever app store you use or investing in a smart home device can go a long way toward making your life just a little bit better.

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Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

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