October Halloween Treats (for those with Type 2 Diabetes)

If you’ve been living with type 2 diabetes for any length of time, you’ve likely been told to watch your sugar intake. Even outside of any research into the relationship between added sugars and long-term health conditions, Americans regularly go over the recommended 36 grams for men and 25 grams for women according to World Health Organization guidelines.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that holidays and special events should be set apart from our normal lives. “Calories don’t count on your birthday,” “Weekends are for carbs” and other cute phrases have popped up all over the place. And with celebrations, parties and even simple ‘bad days’ popping up regularly, it’s tough to stick to healthy eating goals. With Halloween centered around the candy bowls, trick or treating, and parties, it’s even more difficult to stay on track. There are, however, plenty of good alternatives to the sugar-laden treats that won’t leave you feeling sick and tired.

Go the Savory Route

Are you headed to a big Halloween bash (to do the Monster Mash, of course) or two this year? Instead of bringing along a big bag of holiday Oreos to the potluck, consider all the savory options. A nice layered Mexican dip can even be in the spooky theme! With beans, reduced fat sour cream or Greek yogurt, lettuce, salsa and olives, you can top it with a spiderweb of guacamole for dramatic effect. Bring along some sliced veggies for dipping and you’re all set!

Gruesome (Yet Tasty) Treats

Have you ever seen those cute little vampire bite snacks around this time of year? Simply take apple wedges, spread them with your favorite no sugar added nut butter and smash them together, then grab some pumpkin seeds for the teeth. It’ll still be a sweet treat without compromising on your health goals with your type 2 diabetes.

Ghost Popsicles

If you’re looking for something that really feels like a dessert, popsicles of all varieties will fit the bill nicely. Blending up ripe fruit with some dairy (or nondairy) milk and pouring it into a mold is pretty simple. If you want to take things one step further, though, you could pop the end of a peeled banana onto a popsicle stick, roll it in some flaked coconut (careful about the added sugar versions!), add a few dots of melted chocolate for the face, and pop it in the freezer for a Halloween treat!

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Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

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