Favorite Halloween Movies to watch when you’re dealing with a Flare-Up

If you’re struggling with a flare-up from a chronic health condition this Halloween, chances are good that you’ll be opting out of the pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Having to sit on the sidelines during the holidays can be especially frustrating, but the good news is that there’s still a time-honored tradition that you can enjoy with friends and family — Halloween movie marathons! If your joints are feeling creaky with osteoarthritis or you’re feeling perpetually tired with a chronic Lyme disease flare-up, controlling your environment can be a great way to nip some problems in the bud. Plus, there are hundreds (if not more!) of great movies to choose from that will get you into the spooky spirit.

Hocus Pocus

If a Halloween movie list doesn’t include Hocus Pocus, does it even count? This 1993 film holds a special place in many people’s hearts, and for good reason. It’s perfect for the whole family, totally on theme, and funny to boot! There are few jump scares, so if you’re not in the mood to be frightened or anxious, it’s the perfect fit.

Horror Flicks

It’s so tough to choose just one horror movie to suggest, especially since there’s plenty of research into how endorphins are a natural form of pain management. Be warned that the stress that comes with horror movies might not be for everyone, especially those with anxiety or heart conditions. From Psycho and Night of the Living Dead in the ‘60s to Alien in the ‘70s to The Blair Witch Project in the ‘90s, there are so many options for old school scary flicks. The genre has only expanded in recent years, too.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Back on the nostalgia train for this one! When you’re experiencing a flare-up from your chronic condition, sometimes all you want is a feel-good childhood movie and some quality couch time. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is sweet and beloved by so many, perfect for a room filled with kids and adults alike.

Young Frankenstein

It’s not just being scared that can help out with chronic pain, it turns out. Laughing can also have positive effects on physical discomfort as well as overall mood. Young Frankenstein is just the ticket for your Halloween movie marathon.


If you want to get your mind off of a flare-up, consider doing a double-header of the 1984 & 2016 Ghostbusters movies with friends or family. Just don’t let the fists start flying! It could be a fun little debate between loved ones this Halloween, though.

Having a flare-up shouldn’t mean that you’re stuck on the outside looking in during the holiday season. Try proactively scheduling some fun movie nights, or have it as a backup if you need to cancel plans.

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Photo by Daniel Garcia on Unsplash

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