Top 5 Movies For Chronic Illness Sufferers

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Who doesn’t love curling up and watching a movie on a day when the weather is just a little too cold and your home is just a little too cozy to leave? Whether you’re recovering from surgery, feel a little under the weather from a chronic illness or just declaring a completely earned self-care day here are a few movies to suit a wide range of moods. 

Planes Trains and Automobiles (1987)

This comedy classic is one of the few Thanksgiving movies that exist…probably because everyone else was hesitant to try and make one better than this. Starring Steve Martin and the late John Candy this movie about a man trying to get home for Thanksgiving and the loveable oaf who fate decides should join him on the journey is a cozy classic that can make you laugh and warm your heart.

When Harry Met Sally  (1989)

Set primarily against the backdrop of New York City’s changing seasons this is one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are the title characters who initially can’t stand each other when they meet in college. After a chance meeting years later they grow to accept and appreciate each other’s quirks and form a deep friendship. It’s fun, funny, honest and has a simple but impactful climactic scene that leaves you smiling. And who can resist all the beautiful shots of New York in autumn?

Little Women (1994)

A family classic this movie based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott follows the lives of the March family starting at the tail end of the Civil War in Massachusetts. What makes it so good for a fall watch is the feeling of warmth that emanates from the family doing their best to live and love each other while navigating societal pressure, poverty, and everyday family issues. We follow the March sisters as they grow up, fight, make up, and discover who they want to be. There are some tear-jerking moments, but if you’re in the mood to shed a few tears between the smiles check it out. 

The Haunting of Hill House, (2018, Netflix Series)

Ghost stories aren’t just for Halloween. The shorter days and longer nights make the fall and winter prime ghost story season and this one is a doozy. This Netflix series loosely based on the novel by Shirley Jackson is not for the faint of heart. The Crain family purchase Hill House, a decaying mansion, to renovate and flip by the end of the summer, but end up having their lives changed forever by the house’s dark history. The show flashes back to their time in the house and to the present, where each of them carry secrets and darkness from that summer. There are plenty of actual ghosts, but sometimes the ghosts of family secrets are scarier. If you’re in the mood for a psychological fright-fest, binge away!…maybe with the lights on?

The Harry Potter Series (2001-2011)

If you want a binge that isn’t quite so terrifying you can’t go wrong with the Harry Potter series, though there is plenty of drama later in the films. These adaptations of J.K Rowling’s novels are great for a fall binge because you get to see the characters grow and change like the themes and tones of the films; Starting playfully and whimsical when Harry first learns that magic is real and the world is opened to us, to the final film where the Wizarding World is at war desperately trying to triumph over evil. It’s a satisfying journey and gives magic to a fall day.

Peer Health can connect you with a personalized peer community to share provider recommendations, treatment options, and define your best life. Sign up for our beta and newsletter today.

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