Ideas for Enjoying Spring Break with a Chronic Illness

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For people with chronic illnesses, Spring Break can simultaneously be a fun and difficult time of year. If you have children, you’re familiar with the extra responsibilities and expectations of the week that every parent knows. And if you don’t, it can still be difficult to come to terms with missing out on some of the highlights of this otherwise fun time of year.

To help you navigate these emotional waters and plan ahead, we’ve pulled together a few suggestions for fun activities that you can enjoy solo or with the whole family. Depending on your individual needs, you can play with the details and tweak these experiences to fit your most comfortable lifestyle.

For the family:

  1. Movie or TV marathon. There are so many ways to make this fun and interesting for the whole crowd. Some will let their kids pick a movie they’ve been wanting to see for ages, others will choose a theme and make snacks or even decorate for it. If nothing else, there are always some fun cooking show that everyone can enjoy.
  2. DIY or crafty projects. Finally getting around to using those crafty little kits they got at Christmas? From candle-making to bath bomb creations, there are plenty of fun little ideas floating around that your kids can take the lead on.
  3. Let the kids make dinner. Maybe they’re not ready for the stove-top or the oven, but we bet most kids could handle taking charge in the kitchen. Sandwiches and cheese boards are easy options to help introduce them to making their own food if they aren’t already tiny kitchen helpers. Now, you may end up eating a tuna-and- yogurt sandwich, but at least it was made with love, right?

Just for you:

  1. Curl up and read a book. Bonus points if you get to do so with a pet! But not just any book, make it one you’ve been putting off for a while, or a novel your friend loaned you that you’ve been meaning to read.
  2. Learn a new skill or an old fact. There are so many videos, podcasts and other resources out there on everything from ancient history to cutting-edge technology. The best part? No one’s there to judge you if you fall asleep in ‘class.’
  3. Pampering. You know those candles you’ve been meaning to use and those bath salts that are taking up cabinet space and the wonderful idea you had to watch reality TV from the tub (at a safe splashing distance, of course)? Now is most definitely the time.

The most important thing to remember is that as a person living with a chronic illness, you don’t have to fear or dread times like Spring Break. Have fun, relax and lean into the spirit of the Season!

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Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

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